RuPaul’s Drag Race S15 premiere

A Premiere event at The Oculus, NYC’s World Trade Center brings together a wide range of amazing talent.

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For the Season 15 premiere of RuPaul’s Drag Race, our team at The Factory NYC created a whole set of custom pieces to celebrate MTV’s hit show. Working with MTV and Shiraz Creative, TFNYC was responsible for creating the graphic walls, the disco MTV sign, the custom hot pink tires, flags, truss arches with race lights and LED.

In honor of the highly anticipated Season 15 premiere, MTV pulled out all the stops with a dazzling screening party hosted in the heart of New York City last night. The event was nothing short of a spectacle, featuring an expansive and glamorous red carpet where the queens of the season made grand entrances, captivating the crowd with their charisma and style.

Following the screening, the festivities continued at the Oculus, transforming the iconic venue into an epicenter of celebration. The after-party reached new heights of excitement as Season 10 standout Aquaria took over the DJ booth, orchestrating a night of pulsating beats and infectious energy that kept the attendees dancing until the early hours.

Notably, the Oculus, with its distinctive architecture and allure, drew the attention of curious onlookers and enthusiastic tourists who, almost inadvertently, assumed the role of impromptu paparazzi. The balconies teemed with spectators eager to capture candid moments of the queens and the electrifying atmosphere, adding an extra layer of thrill to an already unforgettable evening.

Case Study Q&A: Josh Newman, Account Manager

Q: Could you describe the technical and creative aspects of this project?

A: Yes. The main hurdle of this project was to create each vignette and the walls themselves so that the support structure was invisible. For example, I think we had something like 100 or 200 tires and stacked them. But, as any kid that’s ever run into a stack of tires will tell you, they just fall over. We couldn’t have that so we had to find a way to stack and bolt the racks. We used big lag screws to screw them together in stacks and had base plates for sandbags. We needed to be able to bolt these stacks together and have them ready for installation by the union crews that night.  Additionally, the Oculus roof can open up, this means that the entire Oculus is treated as an exterior outdoor space. Because of that, we had to get everything rated to be outdoors.

Q: What was the installation process like for this activation?

A: The Oculus is part of the World Trade Center complex and as such requires a much more heightened security process than nearly any other place in the city. Also, and most people don’t realize this, the floor of the Oculus is made of white Italian marble. So, we had to shuffle things around to get all of the G-Blocks which are 3,500lb concrete blocks in and down safely. So we had to have padding. We had to have panels between the car and everything that was on wheels. We were right on track with our timing too. We told the producer and the end client, MTV, that it was going to take about four hours simply to load in because moving everything around, getting floor protection down, and placing the items simply took a lot of time. Once everything was in there, it went together pretty quickly. We were still in and out of there in one night.

Photos courtesy of Shiraz Creative.