Architectural Elements

Permanent Fixtures | Millwork | Interior & Exterior | Architectural Fabrication

Architectural fabrication is a core offering at The Factory NYC. In the projects below you’ll find examples of architectural installations and permanent fixtures built to spec. Among the types of architectural fabrication provided include a wide range of services and capabilities:

Furniture Fabrication
3D Printed Architectural Accents
Interactive Experiences
Architectural Activations
Plexiglass, Metal, Wood
Column Covers
Built-in Furniture Fabrication
Modular Component Fab
Kinetic Architecture
Rooftop Installations
Interior & Exterior Details
Turnkey Project Management


The addition of these massive textured lighting fixtures that create the perfect ambiance for Bathhouse Flatiron in NYC.  Photos courtesy of Bathhouse.


Sculpting forms and walls for Nestlé.  Design by Gensler.

The Microsoft Loft, New York City

Fabricating these seating elements, tables, and desks piece by piece. Design by PUREPARTNER

IBM Boardroom

CNC metal and composite artwork fabricated by The Factory NYC

The Pennsy

Tasty food court elements in the middle of Penn Station.

Tom Dixon Store, New York

Massive display shelving with reflective laminate by The Factory NYC.

Urban Cabin by MINI Living @ A/D/O

Iridescent urban cabin fabricated by The Factory NYC. Design by Bureau V and MINI Living.

MetLife, New York

Spherical, hand painted motifs by Taha Clayton and fabricated by The Factory NYC.


The gift that keeps on giving. A complete remodel of the bus interior with shelving components and exterior vinyl graphics.

STORY – Beauty

Custom seasonal retail for STORY. Fabrication by The Factory NYC.


Real washing machines with a custom vinyl touch. Outsourced machines were later donated to Habitat for Humanity.


Custom furniture and shelving millwork for a homey vibe.

STORY – Home For The Holidays

Custom signage, displays, shelving, and interior remodel by The Factory NYC.