Paramount Upfront

The Factory NYC created a series of vitrines to house Paramount’s most spectacular props from recent films and series.

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The Paramount team enlisted The Factory NYC as a strategic fabrication partner for their executive events catering to their key agency partners. We created customized vitrines, bar headers, and stage designs for every aspect of the occasion. All elements were meticulously crafted to leave a lasting impression on the guests, showcasing the leading industry brand in a most impressive light.

Paramount took a different route for 2023’s Upfront Week. In recent years the media giant has become emblematic of the entertainment industry’s annual “upfront” sales sessions. This year they walked away from holding one, instead opting for intimate sessions with their most prized advertisers. The Factory NYC was proud to assist with creating this intimate atmosphere.

Case Study Q&A: Autumn Folan, Account Manager

Q: You created a lot of vitrines for this project. What was the coolest aspect?

A: One of the coolest things about it is all the artifacts displayed in the vitrines were original. The Lombardi Trophy, the Price Is Right wheel, the saddle from Yellowstone, the real jacket from Top Gun, and the real Star Trek uniforms. We had all those artifacts, the costumes, and such, come into the shop so we could fit them.  I was very excited. I thought it looked really good! Like really good. Our client was so excited to share the end result.

Q: Did this project present any new challenges that you hadn’t come across before?

A: On-site, it’s a very crucial logistical situation. The installation vendors need to work super well together and have a good relationship. So one aspect is that we designed the panels in a super-efficient way to make it less labor-intensive and seamless. The metal structures were welded on a channel that these things could just slot into, so there was no need for hardware. We worked with our client’s AV team to come up with a structural design that complimented the designer’s aesthetic.

Q: What other logistical challenges did you face?

A: The space was ever evolving as the night went by, with walls that would need to move and different parts of the space would open up, so we had to make sure everything could be transported. The venue was also perfect for this, because a wall would move into the space and would evolve as the night progressed. The guests would all go into the other room to continue the cocktail hour and dinner hour.

Q: What are some details that went into this product and most people just miss?

A: I think the nice sliding-in option was a really beautiful touch and our client had picked this great material. It just reflected the light well and when the  AV company put those lights in that became the look and the theme for everything. Having everything slot in and having no physical hardware was awesome. You don’t notice it until you look very closely.  We used slots and for other areas we used magnets. The podiums had portable batteries inside of them so that they wouldn’t have any kind of cords going out because they’d be lit up inside, everything was cordless.

Photos courtesy of Jason Roth.

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