The Great American Statecation Putt-Putt

Pop-Up miniature golf course with fabricated obstacles models for IHG Rewards Club.

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When IHG requested a miniature golf course to be placed in front of New York City’s Flatiron Building, The Factory NYC provided the creative agency BMF with a fun solution for their miniature golf obstacle course. Our team crafted five courses that took participants on a scenic ride across America, each a work of art, from iconic replicas of national landmarks to imaginative displays of art.

Case Study Q&A: Autumn Folan, Account Manager

Q: Could you explain the logistics of getting part of this putt-putt course to the set of Good Morning America?

A: One of the logistical challenges was having to make these courses, which were about 20 feet long, portable and easily installed and taken apart. Especially for Good Morning America, because you only have this very, very short window to install everything and then it has to go live very quickly. With putt-putt things, it’s a little bit more of a challenge because you need that depth for the ball to go in. It all had to have depth to it. We built them all and then the client picked one that they wanted to have on Good Morning America. So we broke it down into two parts for easier transport.

Q: Did you know that the part of the full course was going to be used at two different events?

A: I don’t know if it was right when we started, but at some point during the process we knew that we needed to make it portable anyway. This happens a lot with a lot of our projects, once the client ends up seeing the product, even though it’s a temporary structure, they want to keep it. This poses some challenges sometimes because if we know that they want to keep it ahead of time we’ll build it differently so it can be packed up and crated and transported to another destination. So that happened to this one. Once they saw it they were like, ‘We love this, we wanna keep it. We don’t want to throw it away.’ Our role is about figuring out how to effectively assist the client after they see the work, they’re usually so wowed by the end product. To this client, the fabrication became individual works of art.

Photos courtesy of BMF.