HBO’s Tiny Houses NYC

The Factory NYC’s work was recently featured in an article by Ian Zelaya for BizBash.

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This event saw HBO’s latest luxury home activation turned into a neighborhood event, with dozens of custom tiny homes and interiors fabricated by The Factory NYC.

The aesthetic of the pop-up neighborhood blended seamlessly with Domino Park’s surroundings, creating a cohesive experience. Each tiny house was painted in a distinct color, symbolizing a movie genre, and outfitted with props and TVs streaming HBO movies. The backyard offered lounge seating and silent screenings, complemented by free drinks and snacks from partners like Honest Tea and Brooklyn Popcorn.

After the event, HBO donated all materials and houses to Habitat for Humanity New York City ReStore, supporting affordable housing initiatives. The success of the event reflects HBO’s commitment to engaging consumers and showcasing its blockbuster offerings, with plans to continue in the future.

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