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Create amazing events with The Factory NYC

The best design teams hire The Factory NYC because they know we can build to their spec. Whether you need permanent fixtures for architecture/design, or you’re designing a branded event for a temporary exhibit, we have you covered.

Backdrop Painting
3D Printing
Interactive Technologies
Exhibit & Tradeshow Builds
Plexiglass, Metal, Wood
Vehicle Fabrication
​Scenic Fabrication
Stage Construction
Retail Events
Rooftop Install​s
Vinyl Graphic Printing
Public Art/Activations

Fabrication Materials

The Factory NYC stocks a broad range of materials for fabrication for use with our fabrication processes: laser-cutting, CNC-routing and milling, construction — in addition to new processes such as 3D Printing and more. We are always exploring new materials and looking to new processes and what’s next.

Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) is fantastic for building sturdy forms for use in dry environments.

Plywood is excellent for high-performance interior and exterior fabrication in a wide-range of environments.

Acrylics are useful for a wide-range of aesthetics, including clear, opaque, dichroic and iridescent colors.

Metals are used to build strong structural forms as well as high-end architectural metal finishes in fabrication

Hardwoods are best used for high-end permanent furnishings and architectural interior fabrications.

Foam sheets provide a lightweight building material which can be used to make sculptural forms.

Fabrication with The Factory NYC

In addition to providing cutting parts, we also offer a full-fabrication facility including building and finishing. Below are some full-fabrication projects from The Factory NYC.